Thursday, 4 August 2011

Missing in Action again!

But it has been a pretty productive MIA on the writing front and one or two other projects.  Setting up and managing blogs for others and actually taking time to polish up some writing that I hope is of competition standard.

That is to say I have finally entered not one but two short comedy scripts into the 'Words with jam' Comedy scene competition.

There is still some time left to enter, so why not give it a go. Whether you have something that has been lurking at the back of a drawer somewhere or something hot off the press, with the prize fund on offer, can you really afford NOT to have a punt.

Best Comedy Scene Competition 2011


  1. Glad you're being productive - can you send some of those productive waves in my direction?
    Good luck with the comedy scripts!

  2. LOL....You are riding the crest of a wave on the productivity front as it is...When I send you any more it could create a tsunami. Hope your ready!