Saturday, 13 August 2011

On a lighter note

Like many, I regularly take part in the National and Euro lotteries. Being a bit of a superstitious soul, I always play the same numbers and whilst I won the occasional £2.50 or £10, the frequency of these 'Little windfalls' were few and far between.

Following a prolonged period of no wins at all, I decided to change all my numbers. Now that sounds easy enough, but let me tell you it most definitely is not, especially when you have been running the same numbers for over 10 years.

I kept thinking, 'May be this is the week these numbers will win the big one.' Now, before you go thinking I have a problem, I don't. Well, I don't think I do, I have no strong urges to play every week without fail, I just feel the need to use the same numbers when I do have a flutter.

After some deliberation, I set about deleting the old and choosing the new. Over the years I've tried the various methods for picking those illusive winning digits, but I had never tried using Numerology. I can hear the disparaging snigger's from here.

 Ah well, in for a penny in for a pound. I set about working out the relevant numbers based on names and dates of birth for myself, Phil and Lara.

All this took place at the start of July this year. Since then we have won on seven different occasions with prizes ranging from £ 2.50 to £ 48.00. Okay, so we haven't won the 'Big Prize' but the frequency of winning numbers has increased dramatically. I don't play anymore frequently than I did with my old numbers, so it does make me wonder if the Ancients actually new what they were talking about when they said that numbers were the key to all things.

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