Monday, 5 December 2011

More news.

Just over one month ago, I was invited to join the editorial team for WRITELINK'S Christmas E-zine, 'WRITELINKERS'

Naturally, I jumped at the chance to work along side the more experienced members of the community's elite, Maureen Vincent-Northam and David Robinson, eager to glean what knowledge I could. And what an experience it turned out to be!

I have always had a healthy respect for the knowledge and encouragment that long standing members such as Maureen, David and many others willingly share with less experienced writers, including myself.  Since joining Writelink back in 2008, (I think)  their guidance and that of other members, has been invaluable and responsible for the growth of the writing ability and confidence of many writelink members.

Having now worked on their side of the fence for the last month, that respect has increased manyfold. Both David and Maureen work relentlessly on the editing side of things and David also deals with the layout and publishing aspects...which can be a headach in itself!

The result is an amazing e-zine full of seasonal festive fun, information, poems, stories and general muppetry, written by members of the Writelink community.

Congratulations and thank you to all our contributors and especially to Maureen and David, who have volunteered their time and knowledge for the third year running.
(Another two years and you can apply for parole!)

You can enjoy the fruits of our labours, for FREE ! Click on the following link.

Writelinkers 2011 Christmas Magazine

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Season's Greetings.


  1. Thank you for agreeing to join us, Laurie, and for your hard work, invaluable input and sense of humour (probably the most important part of the job!) Hope the experience hasn't put you off joining us again.

  2. I almost blushed... then I realised I wsa wearing my Y-fronts after all.

    Thank you Laurie for your efforts, and for putting up with my tantrums over the last four weeks.

    Be assured, now that we've found a mug... I mean volunteer to replace Trevor, we'll be giving you a shout next year.

  3. LOL...thought I'd shot that bolt well and truly out of the door!

  4. Well done to you and the whole team!

  5. Thank you, Bob, Mo, David and Rebecca