Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blimey...I've gone and done it now!

I've done it...I've finally put my money, or poetry, where my mouth is and taken one step closer to publication. Yes... I have just sent the MS off to a Copy Editor. Not just any copy editor though, no...only the best for 'My Precious' in the wonderful guise of one Maureen Vincent-Northam.

To find out more about her and her credentials, check out the following link,

Writers Checklist


  1. Why did I read the word "dreaded" in there somewhere? Mo's not that bad... well, she is, but only with me.

  2. Many thanks for the Best Wishes, Jeff. It's really appreciated. :@))

  3. Good luck! Though I'm sure you don't need it!

  4. That is great! Sending you positive publishing vibes. :-) Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Cheers Nina and thanks for the vote of confidence :@))

    Tracy, I'm feeling the vibes...Thank you for your support. :@))