Saturday, 17 March 2012

Book Review - The Handshaker by David Robinson

 If you like to read psychological thrillers, this is one book that you will not want to miss And It's FREE on amazon until Monday...don't delay, get your copy now.

A serial killer is out there, targeting women, using them and when he's finished with them, he leaves them hanging... quite literally!

The police are at a loss as to who the killer could be, despite the copious amounts of DNA he has quite happily left behind with each body. Not to mention the typewritten cryptic clues that have been ignored or dismissed.

When local 'retired' celebrity hypnotist 'Alex croft' receives one of these cryptic clues in his mail, he recognises the content to be 'out of the ordinary'.

On the advice of his girlfriend, Croft takes the note to the police and with his help; the police begin to develop a profile of the serial killer at large.

The profile that begins to emerge is significantly close to his own. When his girlfriend fails to return home from work, Croft also discovers that she never made it to work in the first place. Immediately concerned for her safety, fearing that she may have become another victim, Croft reports her disappearance to the police only to find that he is now the number one suspect.

He has to work quickly to prove his innocence and save his girlfriend from suffering the same fate of the previous victims. Victims of the man that has become known as 'The Handshaker'.

This is one compelling rollercoaster of a read.

From the very first page, David Robinson weaves spellbinding, strong imagery and research into this psychological crime thriller; effectively securing your attention by the throat, leading you kicking and screaming to the final page.

To say that I 'enjoyed' reading this book seems strange, given the subject matter, but I did. What's more, I enjoyed it for all the right reasons.

'The Handshaker' is a well written work of fiction, combining all the elements required by this particular genre with some hard hitting emotive imagery and solid research.

It has been quite a while since I have read a psychological crime thriller that has had me caught up in the plot so intensely as this one...Bravo.

The Handshaker by David Robinson


  1. If I was at all modest, I'd blush. :)

  2. Credit where credit's due...This deserves as much exposure as possible, in my honest opinion.

  3. Awesome review! I am adding to my TBR list. Thank you and have a great Sunday!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Tracy and have a great day yourself.