Thursday, 23 February 2012

Turning the Tables...Toddler Style.

Hubby has been away looking after his mum following her knee replacement.

Whilst he's been away, Lara and I have developed a routine for the mornings. She wakes me up between 6 and 7am, shouting 'Wakey wakey, Mummy,' I make the morning drinks and then we both head back to 'Mummy's' bed to enjoy the delights of early morning Cbeebies and a cuppa.

(Yes, this is just a ruse that gives me a little longer under the duvet, allowing me to come round and gird my loins for the day ahead.)

Part way through 'Bob the Builder' little miss announced 'want go down stairs now, Mummy.'

Thinking that I could use her liking for 'Bob' I suggested we wait until after the programme had finished, but she was not for turning. And neither was I. Little miss stopped arguing and I thought  great 1-0 to me only to be well and truly trumped by Lara getting out of bed, locating the TV remote and turning off the set. She then sealed the deal by smiling at me an saying

'Bob gone now, Mummy... go downstairs.'

Talk about turning the

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