Thursday, 21 June 2012

Forgive me folks, for I have sinned...

Forgive me folks, for I have sinned. It has been many weeks since my last post; I would venture to say that it feels much longer, but I know some who might say that it's 'Not been long enough!'

The truth is, I  had neither the time nor inclination for surfing the net or writing over the last month or so... been too busy with other aspects of life that just appeared to drain all energy. Anyway, in an attempt to rectify my lack of attention to all things writing, I have slowly been getting back in the saddle. (Again!)

Over the course of this last week, I have caught up with all things Facebook, E-mail and Amazon. It's amazing just how much I have missed.

Aside from all the usual comings and goings on FB, I noticed that one of my writing guru's, David Robinson, has set himself the seemingly impossible task of writing a complete first draft of a  Novel in a week That's right, a complete first draft in just seven days! I say 'seemingly impossible' because when you have an author who is as prolific as David, I have every faith that he can do it...  I even have money riding on a successful outcome.  Why not follow the blog yourself to see if he can?

Amazon also held a welcome surprise in the form of another 5* review for Encounters. This one is provided courtesy of TamsinS, to whom I extend a very big 'thank you',  for taking the time to read and share her thoughts.

Why not pop over and read what she had to say?

Latest review by TamsinS

Okay... I'm now off to catch up on some more reading and reviewing. 

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