Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Book Review - Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts - by Talli Roland

If you're looking to read something short and sweet with feel good factor and a subtle dose of karma, then look no further than this offering by Talli Roland.

At around 20,000 words, Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts is a short Novella, which, I imagine to be the right combination of length and depth to the plot and characters, to make it a light reading experience.

It is an easy read, perfect if you are commuting a short distance, having a coffee break or waiting for an appointment at the GP or Dentist. (It will take your mind off the latter...)

Without giving anything of the plot away, this book has a comfortable ratio of conflict/resolution and the promise of at least one 'happy ending'.

Yes... I would have liked to read more, and did feel that there may have been more to tell. Having read one of her longer novels, I am confident that, had Ms Roland wished to take that route, she would have done so quite capably.

That said Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts, was a refreshing sorbet, which cleansed the reading palette.  Just what I needed following some of the heavier reading I have done of late.

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