Thursday, 11 July 2013

A bit of fun with personification... of an emotion.

The Legacy of Lindsay Lust

When Lindsay Lust first set her sights
on Henry, for some sport.
I wonder if she realised
the changes she would wrought.
For Henry's brain had journeyed south,
the Lady Anne, his goal.
Her flirty little glances had
set fire to his soul.

Poor Catherine sat within her rooms,
ever mindful of her fate,
and sought a way to reconcile
King Henry's lustful state.
No matter what the Pontiff warned,
whatever threats he plied;
still Lindsay Lust held Henry's whim
to make Boleyn his bride.

Our Henry didn't stop with Anne;
hot on her heels came Jane,
when that poor lass died in her bed,
we had an Anne again.
Yet Lindsay Lust just wouldn't stop
with her shenanigans,
she finished off Our Henry's reign,
with two more Catherines.

Now I know what you're all thinking,
"this story's growing old"
but did you ever contemplate
the story left untold?
Did you even once consider,
how a lustful little sprite,
could change the faith of England,
causing families to fight.

Once, England's green and pleasant past
was Catholic to the core
King Henry's choice to break from Rome
brought our nation to the floor;
all thanks to Lindsay's lusty games
two faiths are now in force.
One founded on a virgin birth,
the other, on divorce.

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