Monday, 23 May 2011

Now what?

Good morning everyone,
I trust you have all slept well.

Me? Well I've had a short blast of coma before
waking up at 5am for Lara, then at 6am when the alarm went off for Phil, and then again at which point I gave up and fired up the laptop.

So...the Blog is now up and running in a fashion, what should I do next? (Polite answers

In addition to the main blog, don't forget to check out the Poetry page...go on, it's not that bad, you might enjoy it.

I will be back later with more musings, but for now Lara awaits.



  1. Good to find you here (via Writelink), Laurie. All theb est with the blog. I've been a 'Blogger blogger' for some years now ... love it!

    Just off to find your poetry page ...

  2. P.S. My two main Blogger blogs are Caroline @ Coastcard (poetry/writing related) and Wild & Wonderful (natural world). The livelinks should take you to them ...