Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oh, for the love of Mike!

Sod's Law has been making it's presence felt again.

Just when I have finally managed to get my derriere into gear on the writing front, something always appears to make life just that little bit more challenging and prevent my plans from seeing the light of day.

This time around, that would be 'Little Miss' hitting the 'Toilet Training' phase. This means I now need to use my derriere for other purposes. As every parent of a toddler will know,  this is where you keep a second pair of eyes!

I've opted for the '375' approach by keeping her nappy off during the day. This means keeping both sets of eyes peeled for those little 'Tells'  children get, just before the main event. 

I believe it's called the '375' because it takes 3 days to train them and £75 to clean the carpets.

We are now on day three of the challenge, and all that hard work is paying off.  The carpets haven't suffered too much indignity and 'Little Miss' is getting the message and even indicated her need to go, just before she went to bed...Bless!

Fingers crossed tomorrow will see the same success. I do hope so....I'm whacked!

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