Sunday, 3 July 2011

Move over Pixar...

There is a new kid on the block in the field of animation...Maureen Vincent-Northam.

It's good but I don't think Pixar should panic JUST yet., they're safe for now. (lol)...  All joking aside, I would heartily recommend buying this book. It has definitely proved to be a valuable addition to my library.


  1. Pixar should tremble.

    After MO pointed this out to me, Joe Murray and the STAC crowd got in on the act (see my blog).

    It's fun, Laurie, and you could use it to plug your efforts, including your blog, but take a tip and write the script first :)

  2. LOL...Oh my...I have to write a script first, I can't just wing it? lol

    On my way over for a look David

  3. Thanks Laurie - I'm looking forward to your epic!