Sunday, 3 July 2011

Poetry Post

This is another excerpt from my forthcoming book  ENCOUNTERS.

Hot Latin Flight

You tempt and tease
me with your eyes,

those windows to your soul.

Long languid looks
hold no surprise
as passion's heat takes hold.

Through lashes
long and lustrous
I flash my own desire

ignite the flame,
turn up the heat
of passion's roaring fire.

A smile
designed to captivate,
plays games of hide and seek

whilst tender
touch of fingertips
trail fire across my cheek.

You hold me close,
then cast me out
to lure me in again

a lover's
sense of mastery
is what we seek to gain.

Each twist and turn
ensnares as we
translate hot Latin flight

and though
we are surrounded,
it is just we two tonight.

My gaze you
hold in rapture,
my head in passion reels

my heart you
hope to capture as
my body gently yields

Copyright: L J Clayton 2011

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