Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Abernathy Cat

 It's the Easter Holidays, the kids are at home... so here's a poem for the young ones to enjoy.

My name is simply Jacobite, 
I'm the Abernathy Cat.
My coat is sleek and slender,
of ginger fur and spats.

With ears the size of satellites,
 I pick up every sound,
it's no wonder that I'm known as
'The scourge of the underground.'

My reputation is quite spotless 
and I'm known for miles and miles
as the master of the hedgerows,
a mouser of great style.

Prolific as a ratter, there's no stone
 I'll leave unturned
in my quest to catch those rodents
as they roam our Mother Earth.

So my name is of some import,
 as I travel far and wide,
'cause when they see me coming,
watch them scatter, run and hide.

From farmhouse through to cottages, 
I'll wander dusk 'till dawn
and then I'll wander back again,
to sleep 'till nature calls.

Image courtesy of morguefile.com

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