Sunday, 1 April 2012

Breaking the news in poetic verse.

Just a little bit of fun for a sunny afternoon....How was it for you?

Hi darling...I'm home
could you lend me a hand?
I appear to have purchased
much more than I planned.

Did you bag any bargains,
were the BOGOF's half price,
did you buy any goodies,
did you remember the rice?

Of course I remembered,
do you think that I'm thick?
NO...don't look in that bag,
they're my personal bits.

Okay, keep your hair on,
there's no need to shout,
but I don't understand
what the fuss is about.

Can you lock up the car please?
Quick, here's the key.
I'd do it myself
but I'm desperate to pee!


Jeeze, when you're tetchy
you sting like a wasp.
I can't understand it;
I'm completely nonplussed

I'll show you the reason
I was touchy before,
I've pee'd on this stick
and this is the score.

Well...I guess it's official;
not sure what else to say.
I guess that it means
we'll be parents one day.

So honestly sweetheart
is that all that I get?
Just a couple of 'Wells'
and an 'Oh bloomin' heck.'

Oh come over here,
now don't be dramatic,
I'm just wondering if
there is space in the attic.

Of course I'm excited,

my heart's jumping for joy.
Do you think you can tell
if it's a girl or a boy?


  1. Replies
    1. LOL...Thanks again Tracy, but the result of the 'pee test' is now a 2 and a half year old toddler with attitude... :@))