Saturday, 28 April 2012

Book Reveiw - The Filey Connection - by David w Robinson

Joe Murray is the owner of the Lazy Luncheonette in the fictional Yorkshire town of Sanford. A self-confessed grumpy old sod, with pockets deeper than his short arms can reach and a mild case of `duck's arse disease', Joe has developed a reputation as a successful amateur detective.

Together with his closest friends and colleagues, Sheila Riley and Brenda Jump, Joe is also the chairman of The Sanford Third Age Club... where the more mature population of Sanford can enjoy growing old disgracefully.

On the run up to The Sanford Third Age Club's weekend trip to Filey, one of their more colourful members becomes the victim of a hit and run with fatal results. Given the circumstances, the police believe that this is just an unfortunate accident. Joe disagrees. There is something about the event that just doesn't sit right, if only he could put his finger on it.

When the newest member of the merry band, Eddie Dobson also disappears during a fishing trip whilst in Filey, the inevitable police investigation follows. Once again, the police seem intent on this being an unfortunate accident. Initial suggestions indicate that Eddie may have fallen into the sea and been carried away by the currents. Joe and his companions think otherwise. Did Eddie fall as suggested?

David W Robinson has created some wonderfully real characters, situations and relationships that work effortlessly with each other. Joe Murray would give Scrooge a run for his money whilst Brenda and Sheila have their own endearing qualities that make them the perfect Roses to his Thorn. A good mix of references to the 70's music scene will strike a nostalgic note with many forty-something's and as usual, a good dose of northern humour to give your chuckle muscles a gentle workout.

The plot moves at an easy and realistic pace, with plenty of clues and red herrings to keep you guessing about the outcome. And just what is `The Filey Connection'?

Sorry, I could tell you, but then you would miss an enjoyable, cosy murder mystery, where the main characters endear themselves to you like long lost friends. Now, that really would be a crime.

Enjoy the read.

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  1. I really must get around to reading this :o)

    Thanks, Laurie