Saturday, 15 December 2012

A walk on the dark side... 'No Good Samaritan'

This has been written specifcally for a 'Faith' poetry contest  where they are looking for poems that in some way pertain to this theme. It doesn't matter if it's spiritual, political, intellectual or emotional as long as faith is clearly represented. (Content may not be suitable for minors)

 No Good Samaritan

Her screams,
silent, sordid screams
ricochet un-heeded.
She pleads,
silently pleads for salvation.

Silent... for they choose not to hear,
fail to assist, wrapping themselves
closer, cowering deeper into
the maelstrom of the city hive.

Eyes and ears avert with surgical precision
as they pass on by, refusing to be drawn,
granting him carte blanche;
he wields his instruments of torture,
laughing in the face of gutless crowds.

Groping, ripping, plundering, biting, suffocating...


He walks away.


for now.

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