Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Look what Jack Frost left me...

Okay, okay! I'm the first to admit that I'm no David Bailey.

These were taken on my HTC about 20 minutes ago, when the sun was shining and the sky was an amazing colour of blue. In the time it's taken me to upload the images, and start preparing this post, the temperature has dropped to  minus 4 degrees and a heavy fog has decended!

It's hard to see from these pictures, due to the restrictions of the focus on the HTC phone, but even the branches and twigs on the larger trees are sporting frozen needles, just like those on the rose hips and spider's web.

Some of these crystalised spikes are between 2-3 cm in length!

They looked gorgeous in the sunlight.

And by contrast, these images were taken just 10 minutes later... how quickly the weather changed!

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