Thursday, 21 March 2013

Book Review - Immortal Desires (Well of Souls) series - by Laura Eno

I have to be honest here. For some reason, when I bought this yesterday, I was expecting to read about more Vampire/Werewolf romance etc. How wrong could I be?

The story that unfolded was so much more than the usual 'Human/Immortal’ romance. Combining aspects of time travel, magic, folk lore, history and the supernatural, Laura Eno takes the reader on a journey from the present back to circa 1500's and the Scottish Highlands.

There is a certain depth and charm to the characters, and an intriguing plot, that compelled me to read from the beginning to the end in one sitting; I haven't done that in quite a while.

In another detour from the normal 'run of the mill' paranormal romance genre, there are some heart rending and highly emotive scenes towards the climax of the book, which may have you reaching for the tissues.

In my opinion, all my favourite aspects of paranormal and historical romance have been delivered it in one neat little bundle. And all without a whiff of 'fang or fur', making for a refreshing change.

I look forward to the next book in this series.

Immortal Desires (Well of Souls) by Laura Eno

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