Saturday, 30 March 2013

Book Review - Black Dog's Treasure - by Maureen Vincent-Northam

I bought this so that I could have something suitable to read to my daughter (who is 3 going on 5!) stored on my Kindle, whilst we are away over the Easter weekend. And what gem of an adventure story it turned out to be.

Before reading it to her, I thought I'd have a quick scan through first. 'Best laid plans...' and all that were quickly cast aside as I was drawn straight into the story from the first page and transported back to the type of books I read as a child.

It has all the elements of a great holiday adventure for kids. Sun, sand, sea and a mystery to solve. I found it easy to read aloud, which suits my requirements,  and has enough going on to keep the little ones that can read, amused and quiet for a while, whilst they try to figure out all the clues to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed it as much as my daughter enjoyed listening to it.

Highly recommended.

Black Dog's Treasure by Maureen Vincent-Northam

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