Thursday, 4 July 2013

Book Review - Yours to Command - by Cameron Lawton (Kindle Edition)

'Yours to Command' is an office romance with a difference. It has all the usual ingredients necessary for a great romance; The Boss, the P.A, guilt and jealousy. There are of course,  a multitude of reasons why their relationship shouldn't develop further, and one all-consuming reason why it should.

There are several twists that set this novella above and beyond the usual. Whilst romance within the military is not an unusual backdrop, having a 'same sex' romance within that setting, whilst exploring all its perceived prejudices, is.

That this novella falls under the 'Gay Romance' genre, should not stop you from enjoying the read. Quite the opposite. Cameron Lawton writes with all the sensitivity and sensuality I would expect from any romance writer. A love story is a love story, after all.

A recommended read.

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