Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Review - Peggy Larkin's War - by Trevor Forest (paperback)

This is one of several books that I have bought by Trevor Forest. Although my daughter was a baby at the time, I thought they would be great for her to read, when she was old enough.

As the book is aimed at 8-12 year old children, I was surprised when my daughter, not yet 4, brought me this book to read at bedtime. Despite having no pictures, she still wanted me to read it to her. We read a chapter a night and she really looked forward to going to bed to find out what Peggy was going to get up to next.

I found it easy to read aloud and each chapter ended with a little 'cliff-hanger' that draws you in to read on. It has some wonderful imagery, and by the time we had reached chapter five, my little one was starting to incorporate the antics of Peggy and Alfie into her play, often re-enacting scenes from the book.

Set against the backdrop of World War 2 and the evacuation of children from London, Peggy Larkin's War is full of childhood innocence, mischief and logic associated with a good children's book, and sits comfortably alongside those books of my own childhood by Enid Blyton.

A real treasure to read.

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