Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Book Review - Deadly Pursuit - A Blood Hunter Novel by Nina Croft

Warning! Do Not crack any eggs near this book; unless you want them fried...This is seriously hot stuff.

This book has great characters, kick ass plot lines, humor and plenty of 'Hot 'n' Heavy' along the way.

Deadly Pursuit may be the first of these author's full-length novels, but it is the second in this series. It stands well enough on its own merits, but there would be no harm in reading the previous book, 'Breakout'(A Blood Hunter Novel)just to get a deeper understanding of the other characters and inter-relationship status.

Nina Croft is one of THE main reasons behind my push to join the Kindle revolution. Frustrated by the fact that none of her books were available in hard copy, until now, I bit the bullet and bought the New Kindle in October last year.

I think I can safely say that I have read and purchased each of the e-books currently in her portfolio. As a result, I have watched her go from strength to strength with each one.

Finally, she has managed to straddle both sides of the literary publishing routes, with this, the first of her full-length novels.

Nina Croft effortlessly appears to combine several genres (of which Sci-Fi, Romance and Supernatural are just three that spring to mind) in to one exciting, fast paced and sexy reading experience.

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