Sunday, 22 January 2012

Book Review - Tracy's Hot Mail - by T A Belshaw

Tracy is a new addition to the office. At Nineteen, she is a girl about town who knows it all, or so she thinks. Like most people these days, she's addicted to Facebook, MSN and other Social Media, but when she's told that she can't access these at work, she resorts to keep her best friend abreast of events via a series of e-mails.

Everyone falls under the ever watchful eye of Tracy, as she puts her own unique spin on the people that surround her, both at work and at home.

Tracy's Hot Mail is full of characters and events to make you laugh, and sometimes cringe, at Tracy's naive understanding of them.

From the office letch, who is constantly playing with coins in his pocket, right through to the driving instructor, who insists that she needs more lessons getting in and out of the car before she's ready to take her test, Tracy's Hot mail will have you chuckling away like a Hyena.

T A Belshaw has successfully tapped into the feminine psyche of a nineteen year old young woman, giving Tracy's Hot Mail the perfect voice and whilst she's quite naive, the events that go on around her would transfer well to the small screen.

Move over 'Belle de Jour'....There's a new kid in town.

Tracy's Hot Mail

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