Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Book Review - Faylinn Frost and the Snow Fairies - by Trevor Forest

Ever the one to plan ahead, I bought a few of Trevor Forest's books last year for my daughter. (For use as gifts when she can read for herself.)

Despite the fact that she is only two years old, she loves listening to stories, pictures or no pictures and Faylinn Frost is the book I chose to read to her.

As I was reading, it reminded of the Enid Blyton books of my own childhood. Of course, Trevor Forest has brought things up to date by dealing with issues like Global Warming in a child orientated, reader friendly manner, and Faylinn Frost makes a wonderful little heroine. The plot is easy to follow and the characters of the fairy folk and the 'Fairy Catcher' are beautifully crafted.

In fact, I enjoyed the story as it unfolds and the ease with which it can be read aloud. I actually duplicated the whole order so that I could give the books as Christmas presents.

Faylinn Frost and the Snow Fairies

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