Thursday, 26 January 2012

Time for a change

Good afternoon one and all,

I've decided that my blog page needs a bit of a re-vamp. Although it is now easier to read and not as cluttered, I'm not sure if this is the one I want to stick with. It feels a bit impersonal to me and I need to work out how to add a few gadgets and images to make it feel more homely...not easy to do with a toddler on the rampage with a Hobby Horse around the house!


  1. I just popped in earlier and got a bit confused as I didn't remember your blog like this. Good luck sorting it out! :o)

  2. Work in progress just about covers it, I think....Not sure I like these Dynamic Templates. ;@))

  3. It is nice and uncluttered - but I agree it needs a bit more of your personality. I've been redoing my website as well - and it's hard knowing just what to include.

  4. This one is better than the first one I tried, but still needs some va va voom! Good luck with your re-vamp.

    PS: What's in the pipeline, writing wise at the moment?